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Custom Kitchens

NT Designs Corporation, is your one stop shop for all of your remodeling and home improvement needs. Our store provides you with an array of services to help you improve the appearance of your residence. We offer amazing deals on custom kitchens and much more. Make your kitchen feel more inviting by having us remodel it for you. Our highly skilled and talented team will work with you to design a new and improved custom kitchen that you will want to use every day.

Upgrade your kitchen today. With our affordable prices and great selection of tiles, marble and cabinets, we guarantee that you’ll find what you need to add some character to your dull kitchen.


Custom Cabinets

Transform the look of your home with our custom cabinets. Cabinets can look worn down and dull. We are your source for custom cabinetry offering you’re a great selections of designs and finishes to improve the overall appearance of your home. If you would like to add more built-in storage, we are the team to do it. We will fully customize and install any type of cabinetry fast and efficiently.

Trust in our certified craftsmen to get the job done on time, every time. Our establishment is dedicated to your satisfaction and with our great attention to detail, we guarantee that you’ll love your new cabinets.


Custom Moldings

Trust in our professionals for all of your custom moulding needs. We provide you with high quality mouldings that will add style and character to your property. Add a touch of elegance and uniformity to your home with our affordable custom mouldings. Our company specializes in in custom mouldings and will personalize them to your liking. With a variety of designs and finishes, there is something here that fits your style.

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen are dedicated to give you remarkable results. Invest in the improvement of your home by adding customs mouldings. We are here for all of your remodeling needs.


Custom Bars

Mix your guest lovely beverages in your new custom bar. We have talented and highly skilled craftsmen ready to create you the ultimate bar that will have you and your guest in awe. Bring your ideas to life, we will work with you to create and design you the perfect bar for your home.

Whether you are looking to renovate an existing bar or are looking to add one to your home, we can create it for you. We use high quality material to build you a durable and great looking bar. Choose from an array of design or give us your ideas, we will bring them to life.


Custom Closets

Expand your closet space and add more shelves for the ultimate custom closet. We have been creating custom closets for our customers for several years. We work with your ideas to deliver amazing results. Make the most of your closet space with one of our custom designs to achieve what you’ve envisioned.

Maximize your closet space with our professional services. Trust in our talented staff to create you’re the perfect space to organize your shoes, apparel and accessories. We offer competitive prices in all of our custom services.